Pregnancy has common problems that mothers are expecting. There are many who have really a hard time because of the effect of the pregnancy to them but they still say that it is the best thing that happened to them. Let us go over the things that can cause discomfort and what can you do. One of the common is cramps. Your muscle could have them even at night. For your calf muscle not to get cramp at night, stretch them before you will sleep.

You can also experience having to go and pee often. This is normal for a pregnant woman so you have to endure it. You cannot reduce the amount of water so you will not have to pee often because you and your baby needs more water. In connection with this, you may also experience that you urine suddenly comes out when you suddenly laugh or a cough. What you can do is have an exercise that strengthens your pelvic muscles that could help.

Other conditions to be experienced are indigestion, constipation, and heartburn. That is why it is better you eat smaller meals and avoid the spicy and fatty food. If you had eaten a big meal, do not lie down immediately as it can make heartburn worst. You can also have swollen legs, backache, and an infection like influenza, whooping cough, shingles, and chickenpox. The good thing is that if you have discomfort and do not know to do, you can turn to the Ob-Gyne.